Hello! :)
Iam Damian Ivanovic Hadjinicolaou, 33 year old photographer
based in the historic old town of Nicosia, Cyprus,


I love the energy and feeling that you receive when you are behind the lens of a camera.

I love wedding photography, food photography, fine art portraits and just taking photos of plants and -scapes.

After 3 years of printing i now understand the power a print has, plus how rare it has become for people to actually print it has to be special, so that special print to last it has t printed on real quality paper and ink. Fine art printing is much more than just pressing the print button. 
bespoke wedding albums. 

I love wedding photography because of all of the moments, i love the power to stop time
and reproduce a print that will outlast us all. I love the challenge to reproduce what is true,
a day full of positive energy that keeps you going on!
I love wedding photography because i love the power a shutter button has;
to capture all that the day unfolds, the tension, the excitement, the tears,
the smiles, i love to get lost in the frame, and i love the wating game of predicting when something is about to happen so can capture it. 

I love the challenge to capture all that little moments so when the time comes for you to open the most important item of your wedding day, your wedding album, that book is filled with all that special moments that make up your story.

Connect with your photographer, if not then its just kliks.

.  I respect the feeling of privilege you give me by viewing my work and spending your time thinking to choose me to capture what is important to you. You should probably do.
Whatever that is from food styling, wedding days, your restaurant,
 a print of your portrait for your mom,a small book of sexy you, to give your spouse,
a day of your life, i deal with every case with appropriate care and respect. 


Am sure most you that already know me and are reading this; you are smiling,
thank you, am here because of you,
to all others, well.. pass by my positive space to view the albums
and talk about you and your wedding day or anything really, am always up for a creative chat! 

Damian :)