Hello and welcome, :)

iam Damian Ivanovic Hadjinicolaou, originated from a great country that no longer exists, Yugoslavia and a lovely little island called Cyprus, of which 37% is occupied by Turkish troops.
Am 33 years young (for the second time) and among other things that i love doing photography is what i do for a living, professionally and my studio and fine art print lab is based inside the walls of the castle Nicosia, the last divided capital in the world! 

I love the energy and feeling that you receive when you are behind the lens of a camera.

I love food photography, fine portraits, plants and scapes but my favorite by far is documenting weddings. I say documenting as this means that i want you to look at your photos and album and see yourselves, just as you are; not posed and uncomfortable. 
I guide when needed, i do not pose and i speak when spoken too.

I'am not here to get likes, awards, get featured in blogs, magazines etc, iam here to capture and preserve moments of a day that is full of emotions and energy of two people joining their paths alongside with their families and friends. The responsibility is big and i do not take it lightly. 

I have been documenting weddings for about 4 years now, and it really is the best.
I get excited to got to my studio and edit every wedding so i can find all those important moments in the day that will keep the memories and story alive so i can share them with you. 

Dear friends, an advice to all, print. Thats the only thing that will stay alive longer than you. Prints. Print, and do it properly, at the highest quality you can afford. 

I understand the power a print has, plus how rare it has become for people to actually print,
it has to be special, so that special print to last it has to printed on real quality paper with proper ink. Its like fast food and fine dining.

Connect with your photographer, if not; then its just kliks.

I respect the feeling of privilege you give me by viewing my work and spending your time thinking to choose me to capture what is important to you. You should probably do so!

Whatever that is, food styling, wedding day, your business,
 a print of your portrait for your mom,a small book of sexy you to give your other half,
a day of your life, i deal with every case with appropriate care and respect.


Am sure most you that already know me and are reading this; you are smiling,
thank you, am here because of you,
to all others, well.. pass by my space to view the albums
and talk about you and your wedding day or anything really, am always up for a creative chat! 

Damian :)