As with most experiences in my life; this one also started with its own particular way, i was chilling on beautiful Monday morning, having coffee after a weekend full on weddings, a friend, Nicolas sits by me and we start sharing stories;
by the time we leave we already have an arrangement to meet on Wednesday for a Unicorn head shot i wanted
for the last 3 years. Getting tattooed should be an experience and an experience this one was! A damn fine one!
A new studio full of artists with positive energy and smiles!

Personally i feel that when getting any kind of body art you should choose the artist based on what you saw from his art,
ask them to design whatever you want and proceed with what they designed. Its their art, not yours.   

Full story below!




DAY 1.

DAY 2.


Thank you to Nicolas Korenellos for the design and ink input, Pantelis Michellis & Nicolas Hasapopoulos for the hospitality at Bad Choices Tattoo Club