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Hello and welcome, :)


I am Damian Ivanovic Hadjinicolaou


I am 35, photographer, lover, father, handicrafter; a positive live person; based inside the historic walls of the castle Nicosia, the last divided capital in the world were i occupy one of the first flexo print houses on the island were i print on fine art papers from Hahnemuehle and handcraft frames, wedding albums and other print oriented works of art.

I love to document life, and daily small stories.
I love the energy, the feeling, the challenge i put my self into creating and capturing stories. 
I love food photography, portraits, plants and scapes but my favorite by far is documenting weddings.
I love the small little stories throughout the day, they are full of anticipation, thoughts and full of emotions,
The story of two people, you, just as you are, not posed and uncomfortable; only guided when needed.

You are hiring me to document and then imprint that story on paper. I take tremendous pride in that task.
I know that the stories i create and capture will be among the most cherished things in your lives and shared with pride across many generations to come. Have you ever stopped to think about that? The images you receive from me will be viewed by your great-great-great-great-grandchildren, all they have to do is pass it along the lifeline! 


I care to know that any printed material you receive from me will be the of the same quality when we age.
— dh

I am a person that cares and is print educated, and i understands the importance of printing though recent history. 
What will stand the test of time is your album and prints. Every print is hand printed and thoroughly checked.
For albums and prints to withstand the test of time they have to be printed correctly on quality paper,
with quality ink and museum grade materials.
Call me romantic; witch i am,
but personally i prefer the feel of fine cotton paper has on my hands, and fine printed images on my eyes,
over staring on any screen.

I believe in my ability to portray pure beauty and not perception. I do not believe in trends; they come and go, 
what looks "different" and "arty" now, will not look the same in 10 years, not even in 5. 
I believe photography should be timeless, and to be that it has to be real and not made.

I am here to capture and preserve moments of a day that is full of emotions and energy of two people joining their paths,
many times alongside with their families and friends. The responsibility is big and i do not take it lightly. 
I have been documenting weddings for about 5 years now, and it really is the best.
I get excited to go to my studio and edit so i can find all those important moments
in the day that will keep the memories and story alive so i can share them with you. 
Connect with your photographer, if not; then its just clicks.


i am more than just a photographer; 

I love to share the knowledge i gained thought my experience in printing as a creative and as a business owner.
Knowing that by helping other creatives learn about the importance and technical know how of digital print,
iam impacting people positively to understand and educate their clients and will be providing their clients
with images that will stand the test of time and be cherished for generations to come.
I have an incredible job to do and loving every moment of it!


I respect the feeling of privilege you give me by viewing my work and spending your time
considering me to choose me to capture what is important to you,
whatever that is, food styling, wedding day, your business,
a print of your portrait for your mom,a small book of sexy you to give to your other half,
a day of your life, i deal with every case with appropriate care and respect.

Am sure people that already know me and are reading this; are smiling, thank you!


Damian :)