18.01.14, Xenia & Andreas walk in our "studio", we meet, we talk, they book us on spot and leave for a friends wedding that night :) 24k weddings per year in Cyprus! Xenia is due to give birth in the forthcoming days. I was thinking about producing a birth highlight for some time before Xenia poped in! I give her a call on Monday and tell her what i wanted to do and the reply... well... here it is !!!

Thank you Xenia & Andreas for having me there in one of your most important day of your lives and a big thank you to one of my editors Andreas Kopriva for making it happen the way it did :)

The plan was to release it when our website went live but then i thought to let them wait a bit more! Since we were going to shoot their wedding it was our present for making us feel the way they did. Friends.